So you’re a DC local and want to support marchers coming to our city?  There are a number of ways you can contribute. Are you ready to sign up to host or help marchers visiting DC? 

Hosting.  Hosting is a rewarding experience and hopefully, you won’t just be putting up an out-of-towner but also creating a connection with a like-minded person that will last for years.  Here are some factors to consider in whether hosting is for you.

  • Do you live within easy access of a metro stop?  Realistically, marchers will want to stay either in DC itself or the near-in suburbs so that they can maximize their rally time.  

  • Do you have a comfortable place for marchers to sleep with easy access to a bathroom?  

  • Do you have pets?  Some marchers may have allergies but others may love the idea of a pet-for-a-day.  Just be sure to let us know your pet status when you sign up.

Helping.  There are a number of ways to help the out-of-town marchers. They will need a number of things to help them amplify their experience.

  • Supplies.

    • Most marchers are going to get around DC using the Metro. Having a Metro card pre-loaded with roundtrip fare (or a day pass) is invaluable.

    • All that protesting works up an appetite.  During March for our Lives, we made and delivered more than 1300 bagged lunches to marchers.  Not just to the marchers staying in host homes but all those kids headed to the Mall with their posters.

    • Not all marchers have the luxury of carrying their handcrafted posters with them when they come to DC.  What better to do at a potluck than make a poster that hopefully the world will see. We’ll collect poster supplies and deliver them to potlucks around town.

  • Services. Sometimes out-of-town marchers can get to the DC area under their own steam but need a little bit of help to get those last couple of miles. Can you pick someone up at a an airport? Get metro cards over to a host home? Available for a last-minute mission critical task?