DC March Lodging is thrilled you’re coming to DC to stand up and have your voice heard. We have mobilized neighbors, PTAs, community listservs and other trusted networks to identify free lodging and march support for you.  Are you ready for free, safe, comfortable housing?

DC March Lodging is happy to have you here and want you to experience not just the March, but the vibrant DC community that is here to support you.  We are here to offer you not only a place to sleep but metro cards, bagged lunches, and potlucks where you can hang out with like-minded thinkers.  

If you’re planning to attend the We the People March on September 21 or the Trans Visibility March on September 28 and you need a place to stay, hit the I’m Coming to March! button above to fill out an application form.  

If you want to host or help visiting marchers, you can sign up to do that here.