Is there a charge?

No, there is no charge to participate.

How many nights will I be able to stay in DC?

Our general guideline is two nights.

What is the largest group you can accommodate?

We have a special division for large groups.

We are students, is that ok?

That is more than ok!

What if I want to stay near friends?

You let us know and we will do our best!


Do you have location requirements?

Yes, we would like you to be in the city or close to a metro stop.

Are you open to homes with pets?

When you fill out the form, please let us know. That is part of our matching process.

What if I am not in DC but want to offer my support?

Some options include supplies for lunches (we need many things from Amazon, for example to build lunches).

What if I am in DC but would like to participate without hosting?

There is plenty to do!