DC March Lodging is a dedicated group of DC-area mothers who are all about supporting people who want to come to DC to make their voices heard.  We first came together as March for our Lives Lodging in Spring 2018. Over the course of a few crazed weeks, our all-volunteer effort found lodging for more than 500 people and lunch for 1300, in addition to Metro cards, potlucks, transportation, and poster-making parties. In January 2019 we housed 500 more marchers for the Indigenous People’s March and Women’s March. We are ready to step up again for We the People and the first National Trans Visibility March in September 2019.  

Here’s what we know about our hometown:  DC has heart, passion, and love, and we’re ready to embrace you.  In an era where we worry about the demise of civility, Washingtonians are kind, gracious, and generous.  And in opening our hearts and homes to you we know we can bring hundreds of thousands of people together in a peaceful, powerful call for our leaders to act.  

We are all part of one big community, with one voice.  If we can find each other, there is nothing we can’t do to affect change in our own way.

Our host made such a difference in our time in DC. The March was epic, and was the single greatest day I’ve experienced as an American citizen. Thanks for playing such a big part!!
— March for Our Lives Guest, Boca Raton, FL
. . . Selfishly, this has been such a wonderful experience for us.
— March for Our Lives Host, Washington DC

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